DD KONG to Chill-Out at Surf City!


Oklahoma City, OK, August 15, 2018 — As promised, Texas Heat Wave was HOT! With temperatures well over 100 degrees, it was up to the DD Audio Demo Team to blast breezy beats from the DD Kong to cool the place down. Of course, thanks to the USACi audio competition, the spectacular show builds and unique events like the tattoo expo and hydraulic car dance competition, Texas Heat Wave was much more than your typical summer bake-off.

DD Audio would once again like to extend a huge thanks to the local DD Audio dealers, G’s Audio and Audiomaster, who endured the toasty conditions and exhibited alongside the team all weekend long. The short 400 mile trip south provided a chance for Texas native and DD KONG builder Lewis Jackson to visit family and friends while meeting several DD Audio fans and making countless impressions on newcomers to the brand. The DD Audio booth even had a celebrity appearance when rapper Psyph Morrison, stopped by specifically to experience the DD KONG. Lastly, congrats to #DDKONG Photo Contest winners Aaron Herrera, Vance Sanders, and Cris Ruvira – Enjoy your DD Audio Lifestyle Gear!

With Heat Wave behind them, the DD Audio Demo Team are packing up the DD Kong for the cool and distant shores of Lincoln City, Oregon. DD Audio’s first ever appearance at the Chinook Winds Surf City Show is the final leg of the 2018 Summer Tour for the DD Kong. This car, truck and bike show will offer fantastic food, a beer garden, live music, and most notably the Surf City Soundoff where DD Audio is a main sponsor. The Surf City Soundoff is a tribute to and celebration of the loudest and best sounding vehicles the West has to offer and is quickly becoming a who’s who event for the west coast car audio scene. SQ and SPL competition styles sanctioned by dBDRAG and IASCA. Something else you won’t want to miss while attending Surf City Show is the Psyph Morrison performance brought to you by DD Audio. The team is looking forward to providing the good people of the pacific-northwest with DD Kong demos, while also enjoying the cool ocean breeze and Chinook Winds Casino Resort’s many amenities.

Attention Attendees: While the Kong is far from retired, this will be your last chance of the Summer to upload a photo or video on social media of the DD Kong, with the hashtag #DDKONG, for chances to win a limited edition DDKONG/SHTNONM shirt and DD Audio Lifestyle Gear!

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Product Spotlight: Pebble Sized Upgrades to the D Class Results in a Wave of Change

DD Audio is proud to announce the newly upgraded D Class Speakers, from which the DC6x9a Component Speaker Set is now shipping to authorized dealers. Looking closely at the DC6x9a, it might be easy to miss the improvements. They’re small and blend in with the sleek speakers. But like the proverbial pebble that when tossed into the ocean causes massive waves felt on distant shores, the DC6x9a features upgrades that will have a substantial and lasting impact.

DC6x9a tinsel leads

To start, the T2b Tweeter boasts increased motor strength, for a remarkably brighter sound with increased output efficiency. The D Class’ 6x9a Woofer has a larger, more powerful motor and a new, softer rubber dustcap. In combination, these improvements deliver an overall smoother sound with satisfying midbass booms. The woofer also now utilizes tinsel leads that have been formed and stitched to the spider. This increases durability and completely eliminates contact distortion as tinsel slap (lead to cone contact) can no longer occur during normal excursion cycles.

Tweeter crossover attenuation

The DC6x9a set now includes separate in-line woofer and tweeter crossovers as well as a wide selection of tweeter mounting hardware and shallow mount woofer frames. The tweeter crossover features a -3db attenuation jumper for fine tuning the tweeter output to the application. These features give installers out-of-the-box solutions for difficulties presented by complex or tight builds.

These revolutionary new features combined with pre-existing ones such as copper pole caps, double slit voice coil formers, and acoustically treated paper cones are why this respected line of high tech, high fidelity, components and coaxials are the go to speakers for installers wanting to take their customers systems well beyond the standard factory upgrade.

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DD Audio to Attend KnowledgeFest Dallas 2018


Oklahoma City, OK, August 7, 2018 — DD Audio will round out this years Mobile Electronics Association events by attending KnowledgeFest Dallas, August 17th-19th. KnowledgeFest is much more than a simple industry meet and greet. It’s an opportunity for manufacturers, shop-owners, installers and everyone in-between to exchange ideas. The mobile audio industry requires knowledge in the ever advancing technologies, installation trends, and current business tactics. KFest brings everyone together with the solitary focus of continuing their education in these areas and more. This is a point of passion for DD Audio and is why they continue to partner with MEA at the Diamond Level after being involved with the event for several years.

DD Audio can be found displaying at booth #111 where they will be showcasing a 2008 Harley Electra Glide Classic outfitted with a monster 16 speaker DD Audio system that includes a couple of their newest offerings, the D4.75 mini amp and the DSI-2 DSP.

DD will also be hosting two educational training seminars for current and future dealers. The first class, “The Brick and Mortar Brand” (Friday, August 17th, 3:00pm – 4:00pm), will focus on DD Audio equipment and the importance of brand exclusivity as a sales tool. The second class “Anatomy of a Subwoofer” (Saturday, August 18th, 6:00pm – 7:00pm), is a fun and well reviewed course that offers hands on, expert guided subwoofer design knowledge and build training.

The team representing DD Audio at KFest Dallas 2018 is looking forward to the fellowship that is always present at these events. Attendees are encouraged to visit them at the booth, partake in a DD training or just stop them wherever they can be found as they always welcome questions, ideas, and feedback.

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Install Highlight: From Challenger to Champion


Considering all the options available in today’s electronic aftermarket, it can easily become overwhelming for those who want to own a fully involved build to manage every single detail from beginning to end. Sometimes it is easier and every bit as satisfying to go the route that this month’s feature went, presenting Casey Young’s brand new Dodge Challenger.

For Casey, he knew his end goals and exactly who to go to in order to reach those goals. After having first been exposed to DD Audio via Youtube, he sought out his local dealer, Hotwired Car Audio of Jonesboro, Arkansas for a taste of what they would suggest for his newest build. After lining him out with the gear he would need to achieve his endgame, Casey then turned to Jonathan Cortes of JC Customs, and Lucas Grimes of Elite Fabrication located in Searcy, Arkansas for all of the flair seen in the pics below.

Starting with a plan to make the trunk look as well as it performed, Casey was after a look that was not too over the top, rather going for a look that could just as easily have been a factory option. This was no easy feat, as the list of equipment was substantial, especially considering that the Dodge Challenger isn’t exactly known for having a cavernous trunk. Even with the daunting task ahead of them, Jonathan and Lucas did a killer job of appointing the trunk tastefully, without overlooking a single detail. Inside, they fit:

2 – SuperCharged 9500 ESP Subwoofers (customized with white powder coated frames, platinum dust caps and blue logos)

2 – M3c Amplifiers

2 – VO-M6x9 DD pro audio

2 – VO-M6.5 DD pro audio

4 – DD super tweeters

D4.90 Amplifier on super tweeter

C3d Amplifier on mids

XS30K 12V Lithium Battery

370 alternator

Off to a solid start, Casey is still looking to future mods, including custom fiberglass work, both in the doors and the rear deck to turn this Challenger into an ultimate demo machine. Seeing as he is already collecting trophies with the current setup, the sky’s the limit for this build! We will keep an eye out in the future for upgrades as they happen, but in the meantime, keep enjoying this exquisite work! Great job to everyone involved, and especially to Casey, for seeing this dream through to reality and sharing it with us all.

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Dealer Spotlight: Impact Tint & Audio of Tyler, Texas

Shop Name: Impact Tint & Audio
Shop Location: Tyler, Texas, USA
Owner’s Name: Graeme Wyatt

DD: How long have you been in business?
Graeme: Since November 23, 2009

DD: How did you get started in car audio?
Graeme: I have always been a big music lover and dad always had his music blaring anywhere he was. When I was 15 and looking for my first car, my dad didn’t want me to get into street racing like he did, so he pushed me into big audio systems/vehicles with room instead. He thought it would be cheaper and keep me out of trouble with the cops, but boy was he wrong.

DD: What made you decide to do car audio for a living?
Graeme: Everything 12 volt started out as just something fun to do but quickly turned into a real passion for me, so I figured I would give it a shot and try to make a living with it. I have always been someone that loves to actually do stuff with my hands, build, create, and – surprise! – outdo myself. So, I couldn’t imagine being happy sitting behind a computer all day or being a salesman. Car audio has been a perfect fit for me.

DD: Does your shop specialize in anything specific?
Graeme: We are well known in our area as being “The Lighting Shop” that carries the widest range, best brands, and have a real understanding/knowledge of different lights and how they can be used in different applications. This year we are starting our push into heavy fabrication and hope to be the best fab shop around soon.

DD: How long have you been a DD Audio dealer?
Graeme: 4 years

DD: Where did you first hear about DD Audio, and why did you decide to become a DD Audio dealer?
Graeme: I first heard of DD from some random SPL shows and Acoustic Edge school in Houston. At KnowledgeFest 2014 I spent a few hours talking with Douglas Dustman from DD about the product and my concerns, and I left feeling really good about the brand. Soon after that show we placed our first order and very quickly realized that DD was not just another audio brand. Since then we have just about phased out our other audio lines.

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