Armed with chest-pounding DD Audio Subs and Amps, mighty mids and highs, and awesome car audio fabrication skills, Aaron and Lew set out to turn a beat up ol’ 99 Yukon into a panel flexing, hair tricking, show-stopping audio bonanza, aka the DDKONG! With the help of our generous sponsors, this creative duo transformed this truck into an unstoppable force of audio. This build is bananas!

DDKONG Episode 1
DDKONG Web Series Episode 1

Episode 1: Alternators.

Lewis and Aaron get started on the charging system by installing not one, not two, but three 300 Amp Ohio Generator Alternators!

Click to Watch Episode 1.

S1: E1 | 3 min 53 sec | Premiered June 28, 2018 | TV-MA

DDKONG episode 2
DDKONG Web Series Episode 2

Episode 2: Batteries and Wiring

See just how how much 0-gauge Z-wire and Xstatic BATCAP 4000 batteries were crammed into the DDKONG!

Click to Watch Episode 2.

S1: E2 | 4 min 16 sec | Premiered July 5, 2018 | TV-MA

DDKONG Episode 3
DDKONG Web Series Episode 3

Episode 3: Mids and Highs

Aaron and Lew tackle the DDKONG doors to make room for a total of 32 face melting mid bass drivers and high frequency tweeters all powered by eight SS4b amplifiers!

Click to Watch Episode 3.

S1: E3 | 4 min 52 sec | Premiered July 12, 2018 | TV-MA

DDKONG episode 4
DDKONG Web Series Episode 4

Episode 4: Substage

On this episode we cover THE BASS! Find out what type of enclosure, subs and amplifiers were used to bring all the hard pounding, hair-trick’n BASS in your FACE!

Click to Watch Episode 4.

S1: E4 | 5 min 12 sec | Premiered July 19, 2018 | TV-MA

DDKONG episode 5
DDKONG Web Series Episode 5

Episode 5: Structural Reinforcements

This episode covers the structural reinforcements that were necessary to keep the DDKONG movin’ and the bass bumpin’! See how many Hellwig Suspension products were needed for the task.

Click to Watch Episode 5.

S1: E5 | 5 min 31 sec | Premiered July 26, 2018 | TV-MA

DDKONG episode 6
DDKONG Web Series Episode 6

Episode 6: Cosmetic Upgrades

This episode covers the cosmetic upgrades that were necessary to transform a $500 vehicle into the full themed DDKONG build including matching arcade style joystick and exterior wrap by Lettering Express.

Click to Watch Episode 6.

S1: E6 | 5 min 33 sec | Premiered August 2, 2018 | TV-MA

DDKONG Episode 7
DDKONG Web Series Episode 7

Episode 7: Overview, Demos and Bloopers!

In this episode we give you an overview of the final build, what has broken so far, some windy demos and fun bloopers that happened along the way!

Click to Watch Episode 7.

S1: E7 | 7 min 32 sec | Premiered August 9, 2018 | TV-MA

DDKONG web series
DDKONG Web Series Official Trailer

The DDKONG Web Series world premier trailer.
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S1: Trailer | 30 sec | Premiered June 20, 2018 | TV-MA



June 9-10 — Slamology in Indianapolis, IN
June 22-24 — Scrapin the Coast in Biloxi, MS
July 20-22 — Texas Heat Wave in Austin, TX
August 25-26 — Surf City Soundoff in Lincoln City, OR
October 6-7 — USACi World Finals in Wichita Falls, TX
October 27-28 — Midwest SPL Finals in Sedalia, MO

Upload your PHOTO or VIDEO to social media of the DDKONG any time during the tour with the hashtag #DDKONG for chances to win prizes!


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DDKong – Finished Build Photos

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DDKong – Progress Photos

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DDKong – Before Photos

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