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Yet again Digital Designs have upped the quality of a product I didn’t even think they could improve any more, with the DD-DXB-01 being superseded by the NEW DD-DXB-01.1!
From its humble beginnings in Southern California to its current home in Oklahoma City, Digital Designs prides itself on producing top-quality audio equipment with the latest technology at reasonable prices. Combining high power with high fidelity, the new SS series amplifiers are a great example. And, if you're interested in saving space, what better way to do it than by using a single amplifier to drive your entire system?
One of Digital Designs’ LE products, for Loaded Enclosure - as Digital Designs also sell branded boxes without drivers for putting their woofers in as well. What you are presented with upon opening the carton is a neat and dense lump of MDF with a distinct centre-of-gravity-issue as you can feel the weighty driver up one end. It is beautifully embroidered with the Digital Designs brand logo on the top...
Elusive Mag's "Top 10 SPL subwoofers of All Time" This review by crankyelbow says it all Z Series makes the #3 slot as well
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