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Recone like a pro!

October 21, 2015

In an effort to provide our customers with the best product experience possible we recently made a change to the way we ship subwoofer recone kits. In the past, recone kits were shipped fully assembled with the cone connected to the voice coil assembly. All recone kits will now be shipped as a 2-piece kit. We know the knee jerk reaction to this change will be to ask yourself  “Why is DD making my life more complicated?”. We understand this reaction, but in reality we’re making it less complicated. By offering the kit in it’s previous fully assembled version some steps were eliminated some for the user, but this was at the expense of repair flexibility and overall ease of assembly.

We decided that it made the most sense to let the customer build a DD sub the way DD builds a sub at the factory. After all, we’ve spent many years determining the best/ most efficient ways to assemble subs.

Here are the reasons the 2-piece kit is better:

  • Allows the voice coil assembly to be glued into place without having a cone in the way impeding your view and workspace. This results in less glue waste and cleaner glue joints.
  • Allows the voice coil pack to be glued into place without any undue force being applied on it from the cone. This in turn, results in a more natural resting position for the coil, which is very important for linear coil travel.  
  • By gluing the cone to the voice coil after you have glued the surround to the frame, it allows the cone to rest at the perfect height on the coil former. Once again, this is very important to linear coil travel.
  • It’s faster. We have done time studies on how long it takes to recone a sub with both methods, and the 2-piece method wins hands down.
  • Lastly, this will result in less shipping damage.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of why we made this change, a video tutorial, and the contact information for our always helpful technical support team. You should be able go forth and recone like a pro.