Hi-Def Tuned

Our Hi-Def Tuned subwoofers offer the perfect mix of control and efficiency, designed for systems where sound quality is the focus, and everyday listening will be done primarily inside the car. These subs play fast, accurate and low; delivering a smooth broad frequency bandwidth on low to moderate power levels. This collection of subwoofers has been optimized to work perfectly in sealed and small vented enclosures.

Power Tuned

Power Tuned subwoofers are phenomenal sounding drivers that are built to push performance limits to the next level. They feature additional mechanical and electrical damping to handle the rigors of crazy lows in high power, high output applications. This collection of subwoofers has been optimized for vented and multi-order enclosures.


Signal Processors

Active / Pre-Amp

Active signal processors capture the audio signal before it gets to the amplifier allowing you to modify the waveform to meet your needs. They require external power to operate, but provide a higher degree of adjustability than most amplifier preamps or passive (non powered) devices.

Passive / Post-Amp

Passive signal processors are a great way to control the frequencies going to speakers when an active processor isn’t an option. Installation is easy since no external power is required and the setup is preconfigured.

Installation Accessories


They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so why not put one of our universal bar grills on your prized subwoofer to protect it from the hazards of the road.


Don’t settle for sealed when porting is possible. Vented enclosures are more power efficient without sacrificing sound quality. With these 3” vents you level up your output without increasing your amplifier power.

Power Supplies

From show cars to test benches these power supplies can run anything a stock alternator can. Just plug them into a standard voltage wall to power your car audio equipment.

Sound Deadening

Vibrating body panels rob your system of sound energy that would otherwise be directed into your vehicle’s cabin. Put a stop to this parasite of sound, and get the most out of your equipment.


Good quality cable equals better equipment performance. DD Z-Wire is the best quality; the choice is yours.


Amplified Enclosures

Amplified enclosures take the guesswork out of system design. Compact design, perfectly matched components and value priced; make these enclosures a perfect foundation for an audio upgrade.

Loaded Enclosures

If you don’t have the means or time to construct an enclosure for your DD subs then these DD Box spec enclosures are all one needs to quickly and easily add great bass to your vehicle.

Marine Cans

If you want to be heard loud and clear, whether on the water or in the mud, these enclosed speaker systems are what you’ve been listening for.

Unloaded Enclosures

Sometimes you just don’t have the means or the time for building an enclosure to complete your dream system, well don’t fret because we have solutions for you.


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