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The TXOHP 18dB/Oct high pass crossover will protect tweeters from harmful low frequencies by attenuating frequencies below 4kHz. The TXOHP can be used in combination with a WXOLP low pass crossover when a two way crossover is needed for a midrange + tweeter application. It is designed to be used with 4 ohm tweeters.

TXOHP: High Pass Crossover (Sold Individually)

Input Channel(s): 1
Output Channel(s): Tweeter
Shipping Weight (Lbs): 1
Price (USD): 14.99 each


If you’re looking for superior motorcycle audio solutions that sound as good on the highway as they do while you’re jammin’ out in the parking lot, we’ve got you covered. From amplifiers to speakers and DSP’s, these products are powerful enough to break through the roars of the ride to give direct, loud and clear sound.

Learn why these products are the superior choice for motorcycle audio solutions.

superior motorcycle audio with VO-W speakers with horn in saddle bags

State of the Art engineering coupled with extensive listening based development yield a sound stage you must experience to believe.

Jabee Toyota Prius Loaded Enclosure Being Installed

Support Small Business and Enjoy Expert Installation

We believe in supporting brick and mortar dealers and have carefully partnered with small businesses who can provide quality installation and customer satisfaction befitting DD AUDIO® equipment.

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