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Factory Integration


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If you need to install an aftermarket amp, but pulling the factory headunit isn’t an option the SC4 is your solution. The SC4 is a premium quality 2 channel speaker level input to 4 channel RCA output signal converter. The speaker level inputs can handle up to 25 watts making it compatible with almost any factory system, and it provides noise free integration via top shelf components such as TI op amps. Unlike cheaper products it’s active circuitry will not induce stressful loads on your factory system. All four RCA outputs are independently adjustable from 0.05-2.2 volts. To add to this unit’s flexibility, you can choose from auto signal sense or manual 12v remote turn on triggering. To top off this tidy little package (4.61″x 3.75″x 1.07″) we used a durable aluminum chassis and FR4 circuit board.


Input Channel(s): 2 x High-Level
Output Channel(s): 4 x Low-Level
RCA Input Voltage Sensitivity: Up to 25 Watts
RCA Output Voltage: 0.05-2.2
Dimensions (Inches): 3.5 x 4.5 x 1
Dimensions (MM): 94 x 116 x 27
Shipping Weight (Lbs): 1
Price (USD): 79 each

Active signal processors capture the audio signal before it gets to the amplifier allowing you to modify the waveform to meet your needs. They require external power to operate, but provide a higher degree of adjustability than most amplifier preamps or passive (non powered) devices.

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