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6 Channel Line Output Signal Converter


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The SC6 is a premium quality 6 channel line output signal converter.  Installers will appreciate the metal chassis and easy access to features such as input channel summing, turn on selection, and grounding selection. To allow for greater OEM interface compatibility, the SC6’s input impedance allows it to integrate with most load detect systems without the need for external resistors.


  • Input Summing
  • Differential-Balanced Inputs
  • Independent Variable Gains
  • Selectable Ground Isolation
  • Signal Sense Turn on (RCA and High Level)
  • Double Power Supply
  • Detachable Power and Speaker Input Terminals
  • FR4 PCB
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • OEM Load Detect Compatible

SC6: 6 Channel Active Pre-Amp Signal Converter

Operating Voltage: 10 - 16
Input Channel(s): 6 x Speaker-Level
Output Channel(s): 6 x Low-Level RCA
Max Current Draw (Amps): 110mA
High-Level Input Voltage Sensitivity: 2 - 20
RCA Output Voltage: 10
RCA Input Impedance: 180
RCA Input S/N: > 95dB
Frequency Response (Hz): 10Hz~50Kz
Remote Out Current: 12V >500mA
Dimensions (Inches): 3.8 x 4.6 x 1
Dimensions (MM): 98 x 119 x 25
Shipping Weight (Lbs): 1
Price (USD): 79 each

Active signal processors capture the audio signal before it gets to the amplifier allowing you to modify the waveform to meet your needs. They require external power to operate, but provide a higher degree of adjustability than most amplifier preamps or passive (non powered) devices.

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