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Cheers to a New Year 2018 - A Message from the CEO - cover

Cheers to a New Year – A Message from the CEO

December 28, 2017

Another year in the books and thanks to our customers continued support DD Audio had a great year and we’re excitedly looking forward to 2018.

As consumers, we’re quickly immersing ourselves into an order via keyboard/keypad era, but DD Audio is confident the world of brick and mortar based custom car audio shops will continue surviving due to the fact the more complicated a major purchase is, the more expert guidance is needed. This expertise comes into play when deciding what will best meet a customer’s needs, helping if something goes wrong or when a customer just wishes to change something more to their liking. This expertise and personal attention is what will continue to bring people into shops to explore their options and then build their dream systems.

We enjoy being in the people business and working with passionate car audio fanatics everyday, that’s what being in the specialist market means for all of us. We’ve worked hard on building a staff and culture to not only listen to what customers need, but to work together on the products that put smiles on peoples faces. This is the bottom line, and what gives us an advantage over personless product acquisitions.

To help with those smiles, our audio elves have been hard at work gearing up for the year to come. They’ve been checking their lists and measuring twice and what they’ve come up with is gonna be nice. We have more power coming your way along with new woofer looks and models. It’s going to be a good year for drivers and riders.

Thanks for letting us be apart of your systems’, having a little extra fun on your way somewhere makes the world a better place.

Happy New Year!

Jassa Langford