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D Series 6″ x 9″ Coaxial Speaker


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The D Series 6×9 Coaxial Speakers are high tech, high fidelity speakers designed for the listener wanting to go well beyond the standard factory upgrade.


Our focus on sound quality starts with precision motor assemblies. The machined magnet gaps driven with high energy strontium magnets provide strong output from a compact design. We incorporated distortion reducing copper shorting rings for flux modulation and inductance control. The coated paper cones achieve wide bandwidth and a smooth tonal quality. The compressed rubber surrounds are durable and have been optimized for light weight to increase sensitivity.


The tweeter side of the D Series coaxial is our T2 25mm ultra-light diaphragm tweeter. This new diaphragm is less than 0.003 of an inch thick; that’s almost nothing of a mm. This proprietary fabric is so thin it’s virtually see through, well, actually it is see through. The ultra-light dome is coupled to a low-distortion neo motor. We also used a high tolerance mylar capacitor for the built in high pass crossover allowing the T2 tweeter to effortlessly exude crystal clear highs.

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DX6x9: 50W to 150W – 6×9 Inch Coaxial Speaker

Speaker Size (In): 6 x 9
Watts RMS: 50
Watts Peak: 150
Impedance: S4
dBSPL: 91
Mounting Diameter (In): 5 31/32 x 8 5/8
Mounting Depth (In): 2 12/32
Shipping Weight (Lbs): 8
Price (USD): 179 per pair

The D Series Components and Coaxials are feature rich, high fidelity speakers designed for the listener wanting to go well beyond the standard factory upgrade.


  • iOS Software

  • PC Software

  • Android Software

  • Product Manual

Included in the Box

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