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D Series 25mm Tweeter


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The D-T25a offers exceptionally smooth and balanced highs. The high strength neo motor drives an underhung, copper-clad, aluminum voice coil to 93.6dB sensitivity. The vented gap enhances the long term cooling capability around the neo motor without the need for magnetic fluid, leading to a superior response.

This 25mm textile dome is contoured to provide rigidity at the dome center, reducing break up mode distortions and extending the high frequency bandwidth.


  • Neo Magnet, Vented gap
  • Kapton Former CCA Voice Coil
  • 25mm Textile Dome Tweeter
  • Contoured Dome
  • Underhung Voice Coil
  • Flush and Surface Mounts
  • 93.6dB Sensitivity


Speaker Size (MM): 25
Watts RMS: 25
Watts Peak: 125
Impedance: S4
Frequency Response (Hz): 1500 - 20k
dBSPL: 93.6
Mounting Diameter (In): 1.62
Mounting Diameter (MM): 41
Mounting Depth (In): 0.71
Mounting Depth (MM): 18
Price (USD): 39 per pair

The D Series Components and Coaxials are feature rich, high fidelity speakers designed for the listener wanting to go well beyond the standard factory upgrade.

Jabee Toyota Prius Loaded Enclosure Being Installed

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