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dB Drag European Championship Finals 2019 press release cover

DD Audio Attends dB Drag Euro Finals 2019

October 3, 2019

Oklahoma City, OK, October 3rd, 2019 — The DD Audio R&D team has returned from Montichiari, Italy, having once again attended the dB Drag Racing Euro Finals to show support for competitors rocking DD equipment in the lanes. This event was again a treat for DD Audio owner and CEO Jassa Langford who gets direct feedback from some of the hardest hitting SPL and SQ competitors in the game. In addition to seeing DD Audio equipment undergo the most extreme conditions, dB Drag Racing Euro Finals creates a fantastic opportunity to show appreciation and support. From help with reconing on the fly, to buying a round for the faithful, the team was proud to be available for the basshead community in Europe.

DD Audio would like to congratulate the following competitors who really impressed!

dB Devils M&J – Members: Jussi Takala, Jokke, Peter Källman
Running 2 x Z318 in their Fiat Panda
1st Place in Super Street 1-2 – 171.4 dB, 78 Hz

Team Just4fun Terror – Members: Andreas Bogert, Markus Scheiterbauer
Running 2 x Z321 on 8 x M5 in their Seat Terra
2nd Place in Super Street 1-2 – 170.3 dB, 78 Hz

Team LW Audio Elvis – Members: Elvis Häggblom
Running 4 x Z310 in their Fiat Panda
2nd Place in Super Street NW – 168.1 dB, 70 Hz

Team LW Audio Lorens – Members: Lorens Wastessen
Running 6 x VO-W8 and 9 x 9512k in their VW Caddy
4th Place in Super Street X – 163.9 dB, 50 Hz

Fabio Team Progettare Hifi – Members: Fabio Brembilla, Matteo Locatelli
Running 4 x Z318 in their Ford Wagon
2nd Place in Extreme NL – 180.4 dB, 65 Hz

Team Vedouris – Members: Vlassopoulos
Running DD Audio Sub(s) (unspecified)
2nd Place in Pro Stock 5k – 159.9 dB, 60 Hz

Team DG Technologies – Members: David Dewyn
Running 1x M4a
3rd Place in Pro Stock Trunk 5k – 154.6 dB, 55 Hz

It is with great sadness that DD Audio’s congratulations to David Dewyn of Team DG Technologies from Belgium comes also with a heartfelt goodbye. This friend to the competition community was in a car accident on his way home from winning 3rd in Pro Stock 5k Trunk at the Euro Finals, and passed away. He leaves behind a daughter. Please consider making a donation to the family or visit his memorial page to learn more about this fellow car audio enthusiast.

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