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DX Coaxials are now Available for Shipping - cover

DX Coaxials are now Available for Shipping

July 7, 2016


Oklahoma City, OK, June 06, 2016 — DD Audio’s new DX coaxials are now available for shipping. The DX are the perfect speakers for the customer who wants to go beyond the basic factory upgrade without the hassle of custom vehicle modification. They are designed with the same exotic features as esoteric separates at a price that fits any enthusiast’s budget.

DX Features:

  • High-energy strontium magnets
  • Copper capped poles
  • Double slit voice coil formers
  • Acoustically treated pulp cones
  • Soft dome 25mm tweeters
  • Power Band 50-150 Watts
  • Available in 6.5”, 5”x7”, 6”x9” sizes
  • MSRP $119-169

For more photos and specs visit each product page: DX6.5, DX5x7