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SPS-100.4 (220V)

100 Amp AC~DC Power Supply


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Traditional AC to DC linear power supplies are big, heavy, and inefficient. Not to mention they usually don’t supply much power. The SPS-100.4 addresses all of these issues by using a switching design engineered with modern PWM technology. The sleek amplifier styled chassis of the SPS-100.4 is designed to easily integrate into audio installs for on the go power when you can’t run your vehicle to utilize its DC charging system.

It’s capable of up to 100 amps of output power at 16 volts which can supply enough juice for audio systems up to 1500 watts. If additional power is needed you can link up to 4 units together for up to 400 amps of output power for supporting systems up to 6000 watts. The SPS-100.4 is also perfect for use with equipment test benches and mobile audio displays.

It can safely be connected in line with batteries and uses current sensing to reduce the output amperage as the battery becomes fully charged. It also uses a pulse charging method to inhibit and reduce battery sulfation.

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  • Adjustable regulated output voltage 10V~16V
  • 100 Amp Output
  • Link up to 4 units for 400 Amp Output
  • Thermal and current overload protection
  • Quad Cooling Fans
  • Remote mount LCD voltage display
  • 0 Gauge Power Output Terminals

SPS-100.4 (220V): Power Supply – 100 Amp – Install Accessory

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From show cars to test benches these power supplies can run anything a stock alternator can. Just plug them into a standard voltage wall to power your car audio equipment.

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