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dt6.500 6 channel amplifier class d

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: D6.500 6 Channel Amplifier

June 25, 2020

The citizens of planet Earth are going through a lot right now. With so much time being spent indoors, we’re looking for ways to have some outdoor fun and stay safe. If your new found hobbies are needing a sound boost, look no further than the versatile D6.500 6-Channel D Series Amplifier.

The D6.500 is a little guy with a lot of hidden potential. Its six channels let you choose from a wide array of speaker configurations such as: front coaxials + rear coaxials + sub, 2-way front components + rear coaxials, or 3-way components just to name a few. Plus, with up to 1200 total watts of RMS power you’ll have plenty of juice regardless of setup.

The real versatility of the D6.500 shows in its size. While it packs a lot in the way of channels, at just 13.7” x 4.9” x 1.8” its remarkably compact, making it perfect for boats, motorcycles, and ATV’s in addition to your daily driver.

You’ll also be comforted to know the D6.500 possesses quality features like 4 gauge set screw power terminals, 12 gauge set screw speaker terminals, a heavy duty PCB, and 5-way protection for speaker short, thermal, overload, hi/low voltage, and DC offset.

This Summer one of the best ways to social distance yourself is to hit the road, catch a wave or hit the dunes. To get rock’n and roll’n find an Authorized DD AUDIO Dealer in your area and buy local!

Boat diagram featuring four DX6.5 coaxial speakers, one D6.500 multi-channel amplifier, and four MC-8 loaded marine cans.
Boat option powered by the D6.500 Amp
Truck diagram featuring one D6.500 multi-channel amplifier, two VO-W10 woofers, two VO-MN6.5 midrange speakers, two VO-CT45 concentric tweeters with two 5x5 horns attached
Truck tailgate option powered by the D6.500 Amp
Car diagram with one D6.500 multi-channel amplifiers, two CC6.5 component sets, and two EX2.75 coaxial speakers
Vehicle 3-Way option powered by the D6.500 Amp
Motorcycle diagram featuring one d6.500 multi-channel amplifier, two VO-M8 midrange speakers, two VO-B4 tweeters, two VO-B3 tweeters, and two VO-M6.5 midrange speakers.
Motorcyle option powered by the D6.500 Amp
Car diagram featuring one D6.500 multi-channel amplifier, two EX6.5 coaxial speakers, two EC6.5 component speakers, and one LE-M08 loaded enclosure
Vehicle full system option powered by the D6.500 Amp

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