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LE-S06 Loaded Enclosure downfiring

Product Spotlight: LE-S06

April 27, 2015

The LE-S06 is the perfect sub solution when space is limited, but the listener still desires quality low bandwidth reproduction. This loaded enclosure uses the standard DD Box tuning method allowing a very compact design to realize amazing sound. With dimensions of just 16”x5”x11” this enclosure and can be put just about anywhere. The cabinet is built using MDF with fully sealed seams, and features a tuned port.

The 6.5” subwoofer used in the LE-S06 enclosure is built with highly durable parts that have been tuned specifically for this enclosure. The goal during the the R&D process was to develop a loaded enclosure that could perform better than similar products that used larger diameter drivers and larger boxes. When we compared it with one of the best selling 8” driver mini enclosures on the market the LE-S06 averaged higher SPL and had a flatter response from 35-65Hz, which is right in the sweet spot for good sounding bass. The shape and size of the enclosure make it perfect for behind truck seat applications, and with the supplied feet you have the option to use it in downfire under seat applications. To make this little guy even more versatile it features a bi-amp speaker terminal cup allowing you to easily wire the enclosure to 1 or 4 Ohm depending on your amps requirements.

To find out more about the LE-S06 or to check out it’s specs click HERE.