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Product Spotlight: M-Series Amplifiers - cover

Product Spotlight: M-Series Amplifiers

May 29, 2015

The next generation of M-Series monoblock amplifiers are now available and they feature some awesome new performance upgrades. The M.80 thru M5 will all come standard with the VM-RMT & Chain-Link Function.  For those power hungry individuals out there the M4a will become the M5 and receive a power supply revision boosting its output to a monstrous 7,700 watts of clean, stable power!

 *VM-RMT: The new custom tooled remote gain control will feature a digital voltage meter in addition to the clipping indicator. This allows for real-time visual monitoring of the input voltage directly from remote gain control. When combined with the clipping indicator the user is able quickly react to changes.  The VM-RMT will also have improved output attenuation compared to the previous M-RMT.

 *Chain-Link: With the new Chain Link feature you can link as many of the same model amplifiers as your application calls for and sync them all to one main preamp and remote gain control. This feature takes all the guess work out of gain and crossover matching for multi-amp applications. This secondary linking option is in addition to the current strapping feature.

(*VM-RMT remote gain controls and Chain Link feature will not be back compatible with previous M models)

To learn more about the M-Series Amplifiers click here.

M5a monoblock amplifier
M5a monoblock amplifier