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2000 Series

Sound Quality with Punch


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If you need a sound quality focused sub that can still deliver hard hitting bass look no further.

The 2000 Series of HiDef tuned subs are designed to operate within a power band of 200-600 watts per sub. Its 2.5 inch diameter copper coil with dual split 4-layer former design is driven by a high-energy motor with a 12mm deep magnetic gap. The precision machined motor uses a distortion reducing aluminum shorting ring which doubles as a heat sink to reduce coil temperatures. A highly rigid, curvilinear, non-pressed cone ensures efficient energy transfer while the EROM surround and multi-layer spider allow fluid yet controlled cone motions. With their higher heat dissipation properties, the 2000 Series subs are the perfect choice for sound quality systems with longer term power requirements.

The 2000 Series features the wicked awesome 2008 with our Evolution Subwoofer Package (ESP). The ESP equipped 2008 sports a larger diameter suspension than standard 8 inch subs, exclusive surround and cone design, and a deeper frame. ESP subs are truly built to maximize their size class size.

The 2000 Series comes standard with an oversized dry finish black composite dust cap, red logo, and treated pulp cone, but it can be optioned out with alternative composite dust caps, composite cones, powder coated frames, supercharging, and a multitude of logo options to give your sub a personalized look and/or added performance for a specific application.

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Express yourself with your choice of logo style and color, plus custom dust cap and cone!

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