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The Daily Driver that Packs A Punch


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The 2500 series is perfect for daily driving if you like to drive things hard. This is a smaller motor sub that really packs a punch by utilizing the same design elements, like long gap/long coil topology, that you’ll find on our legendary 9500 and 9900 subwoofers. Like its big brothers, the 2500 Series has Free Flow cooling for when things heat up, and our EROM surround for playing down low. The multi-layer suspension keeps things tight and accurate, allowing the 2500 Series subs to be as comfortable playing double pedal kick drums as they are playing below 40 Hz.

The 2500 Series features the wicked awesome 2508 with our Evolution Subwoofer Package (ESP).  The ESP equipped 2508 sports a larger diameter suspension than standard 8″ subs, exclusive surround and cone design, and a deeper frame. ESP subs are truly built to maximize performance in their designated size class.

The 2500 Series comes standard with an oversized dry finish black composite dust cap, red logo, and treated pulp cone, but it can be optioned out with alternative composite dust caps, composite cones, powder coated frames, supercharging, and a multitude of logo options to give your sub a personalized look and/or added performance for a specific application.

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Express yourself with your choice of logo style and color, plus custom dust cap and cone!

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