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800 Series

Bass Monster


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The 800 Series offers some of DD AUDIO’s most extreme Power Tuned Subwoofers designed for outstanding power handling, with competitive bassheads in mind.

Precision engineered, thermal cooling enhancements, from the proven Free Flow Cooling System on all models to the cutting edge aluminum heat sinks on the new “f” revision, let you play longer, while the tall surrounds, high-temp voice coils, and high excursion spiders let you play harder.

All of them incorporate the very best component parts and the newest models feature the latest in state of the art design to ensure maximum efficiency for a power range that serves up competition grade performance with power handling to match. They’re for the serious basshead looking to shake up a car show with hard hitting, earth thumping beats.


  • Free Flow Cooling System
  • High-temp Voice Coil
  • Triple Layer Spider System
  • Unique glass fiber and natural pulp cone
  • Extended Pole Piece
  • Cast Aluminum Basket

What’s new in the “f” Revision

  • Includes All Standard Series Features Listed
  • 4 Inch Thick Quad Stack Magnet Assembly
  • Taller Surrounds Double Stitched to Fiberglass Loaded Non-Pressed Cones
  • Longer Voice Coil Winding Lengths and Top Plate Thickness Increased to 25mm Resulting in an Xmax of 31mm
  • Cast Aluminum Dual Stage Heat Sink with Polished Aluminum DD Logos
  • Premium Rubber Boot with New Embossed Design
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Jabee Toyota Prius Loaded Enclosure Being Installed

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We believe in supporting brick and mortar dealers and have carefully partnered with small businesses who can provide quality installation and customer satisfaction befitting DD AUDIO® equipment.

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