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LE-500 Series

Lower, Louder, Easier


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This new generation of DD enclosures gives unprecedented sound quality, output level, speaker protection and overall great looks. These loaded enclosures have tuning that allows the most demanding bass track drops to envelope the vehicle while transients are crisp and powerful, playing a bandwidth covering electronic lows to acoustic string instrumentals.

The new LE’s feature a full cover metal grill protecting your investment from cargo calamities. The large DD tuned rectangular port is side fired to provide optimal acoustic loading throughout the entire power band.

The LE-500 Series comes in 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. The 8 inch drivers are available in box configurations containing one speaker or three, while the available box configurations for 12 inch drivers are one speaker or two. The 10 inch driver is a single.

Installer Note: Terminal cups are wired to 1 Ohm impedance internally, either terminal can be used. Do not make a Series connection.


  • ¾” MDF Construction
  • Double Layer Front Baffles
  • Internal Bracing
  • Glue Cleated Internal Joinery
  • High Flow 35Hz Port Tuning
  • Full Hex Cut Custom Metal Grills
  • Chrome Plated Push Terminals
  • 2.5” Voice Coil
  • 100 oz Magnet
Product Is Not Currently Available
Jabee Toyota Prius Loaded Enclosure Being Installed

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We believe in supporting brick and mortar dealers and have carefully partnered with small businesses who can provide quality installation and customer satisfaction befitting DD AUDIO® equipment.

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