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Speaker Size (In): 6.5
Watts RMS: 75
Watts Peak: 300
Impedance: S4
VCD (In): 40 - 22k
Frequency Response (Hz): 40 - 22k
Mounting Diameter (MM): 142
Mounting Depth (MM): 62.5
Price (USD): Contact Dealer
  • RL-X6.5
    Speaker Size (In): 6.5
    Speaker Size (MM): N/A
    Tweeter Size (In): N/A
    Tweeter Size (MM): N/A
    Watts RMS: 75
    Watts Peak: 300
    Impedance: S4
    Operating Voltage: N/A
    Test Voltage: N/A
    Input Channel(s): N/A
    Output Channel(s): N/A
    Cont Wattage @ 4 Ω: N/A
    Cont Wattage @ 2 Ω: N/A
    Cont Wattage @ 1 Ω: N/A
    Dynamic Wattage: N/A
    Max Current Draw (Amps): N/A
    High-Level Input Sensitivity (Volts): N/A
    RCA Output Voltage: N/A
    RCA Input Impedance: N/A
    High-Level Input Impedance: N/A
    RCA Output Impedance: N/A
    High-Level Input S/N: N/A
    Damping Factor: N/A
    THD: N/A
    Channel Separation: N/A
    Frequency Response (Hz): N/A
    Frequency Response (Hz): N/A
    Processing Speed: N/A
    Bass Boost: N/A
    VCD (In): 40 - 22k
    VCD (MM): N/A
    Piston Diameter (In): N/A
    Piston Diameter (MM): N/A
    Frequency Response (Hz): 40 - 22k
    High-Pass Filter: N/A
    Sub-Sonic Filter: N/A
    Low-Pass Filter: N/A
    ZVL Input: N/A
    Pass Thru Output: N/A
    Remote Control Option: N/A
    Power Wire Gauge: N/A
    Speaker Wire Gauge: N/A
    Fs (Hz): N/A
    Qms: N/A
    Qes: N/A
    Qts: N/A
    Vas (Liters): N/A
    dBSPL: N/A
    Tweeter dBSPL: N/A
    Xmech (In): N/A
    Xmech (MM): N/A
    Xmax (In): N/A
    Xmax (MM): N/A
    Frame OD (In): N/A
    Frame OD (MM): N/A
    Frame OD w/ Gasket (In): N/A
    Frame OD w/ Gasket (MM): N/A
    Mounting Diameter (In): N/A
    Mounting Diameter (MM): 142
    Mounting Depth (In): N/A
    Mounting Depth (MM): 62.5
    Motor Diameter (In): N/A
    Motor Diameter (MM): N/A
    Motor Depth (In): N/A
    Motor Depth (MM): N/A
    Magnet Weight (Oz): N/A
    Magnet Weight (Gm): N/A
    Woofer Displacement (CuFt): N/A
    Woofer Displacement (Liters): N/A
    Sealed Enclosure (CuFt): N/A
    Sealed Enclosure (Liters): N/A
    Ported Enclosure (CuFt): N/A
    Ported Enclosure (Liters): N/A
    Gauge: N/A
    Wire Type: N/A
    Spool Length (FT): N/A
    Spool Length (Meters): N/A
    Strand Count: N/A
    Battery: N/A
    Playtime: N/A
    Rated Input Power: N/A
    Cable: N/A
    Plug: N/A
    Port Length (In): N/A
    Port Length (MM): N/A
    Port Diameter (In): N/A
    Port Diameter (MM): N/A
    Dimensions (In): N/A
    Dimensions (MM): N/A
    Shipping Weight (Lbs): N/A
    Shipping Weight (Kg): N/A
    Price (USD): Contact Dealer
  • RL-CS6.5

      RL-CS6.5 Midrange

      Speaker Size (In): 6.5
      Impedance: D4
      Frequency Response (Hz): 40 - 25k
      Mounting Diameter (In): 5.55
      Mounting Diameter (MM): 141
      Mounting Depth (In): 2.45
      Mounting Depth (MM): 62.2
      • RL-CS-6.5 REDLINE Series component set

        RL-CS6.5 Tweeter

        Speaker Size (In): 25
        Impedance: D4
        Mounting Diameter (In): 1.94
        Mounting Diameter (MM): 49.2
        Mounting Depth (In): 0.69
        Mounting Depth (MM): 17.5

        Additional Set Information

      DD coaxial and component speakers utilize sound quality design features coupled with high energy motor systems to set the standard for aftermarket audio upgrades. All DD speakers incorporate Faraday rings, high temperature voice coil wire, state of the art cone technology, and countless hours of R&D time. All these features come together to give you the sound to truly enjoy the ride.

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