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The TS1500 series is the sound quality tuned version of the DD1500, which is our premium go-to driver for a high performance system design when you want to keep overall box size, weight, and power consumption as low as possible.

The TS1500 Series starts with a powerful shorting ring equipped motor design using a 50mm thick magnet section, fully machined steel plates with a 12mm deep, highly focused magnet gap. The high energy motor drives lightweight, high strength moving parts optimized for low distortion.

The suspension in the TS version of the 1500 uses the same durable materials as it’s heavier duty counterpart, but it has been tuned to work well in sealed and small ported enclosures. The best coil wire, glues and assembly methods are used in it’s construction as a testament to DD’s dedication to long term performance and value.

The TS1500 Series can be optioned out with composite cones, composite dustcaps, powder coated frames, supercharging, and a multitude of logo options.

The TS1500’s are true high-end woofers that will compliment any system, delivering full low end with amazing accuracy. The TS1500 Series subs are the real deal; high-end American made sound quality subs at an affordable price.

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Express yourself with your choice of logo style and color, plus custom dust cap and cone!

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