Z Series Subwoofers

Not very long ago, in an R&D facility not so far far away…


With the evil, inferior clones in hot pursuit, the creative engineers at DD have worked tirelessly on improving every aspect of their Z Series.

Those strong with the Source journeyed deep into the planetary core to secure new, higher Neodymium Pillars.

Meanwhile, Jassa, has returned from the Decibel System, after uncovering a voice coil of legendary strength lost in the ancient transducer wars.

Coupled with their new double skinned composite cone, these improvements will bring about a new age of True to the Source audio, as the Z4 delivers accuracy, power, and reach well beyond anything the galaxy has known before…

Z Features

The Z series is DD Audio’s highest performing subwoofer line, designed specifically for precision, with competition in mind. Using the strongest motor on the planet, the Z series has won every major Sound Quality and Sound Pressure Level contest, in every variant, all over the world. This be-all, end-all of subwoofers just got a professional level upgrade.
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Z Features

Entering the scene in the mid 2000’s, the Z series began with a seemingly impossible goal: build a subwoofer lighter and more powerful than the legendary 9900. DD Audio owner and head engineer, Jassa Langford, had seen a remarkable improvement in the materials available and knew the only thing missing was a revolutionary subwoofer design that could channel this potential.

Z Features

The first step was replacing the massive ferrite motor with one made using neodymium. Going into the design process with this stronger and more efficient material meant the motor could take a totally new shape and thus was born the highly efficient, powerful, and visually iconic Z motor. From the very beginning it excelled in entirely new ways and with each revision it cemented its place in audio history.
DD Audio 6.5 inch subwoofer

The new Z4 is for pros who know how to take advantage of the higher energy and improved handling. Everything but the frame has been upgraded to further eliminate loss of energy, better manage magnetic field distortion, and improve stress handling. Like the Z3 and the MiniZ in the current lineup of Z subwoofers, the Z4 has been designed with distinguishing characteristics.

Z Features

Due to its open motor structure, the Z series experiences an increased benefit from cooling channels machined into the pole piece, resulting in a higher volume of airflow redirected to the voice coil. The pillars surrounding the pole have been extended to allow for increased excursion and longer coil windings. The magnetic configuration changed slightly to make use of the very high iron content steel to increase the flux energy that crosses the gap. The new Z4 is the moZt powerful Z that DD Audio has ever made.

Made in U.S.A.

Z4 competition subwoofer

The Z4 is an 18 lens grade 52 neodymium open motor design. By increasing the surface area of the voice coil, size of the magnetic gap, and its heat dissipating abilities, the Z4 is able to be driven just as hard as the Z3, but with increased long-term high power handling.
The USA steel motor parts are machined in our hometown of OKC, and all the moving parts are USA made from the finest materials and manufacturing methods available.

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Z3 Subwoofer

The current generation Z3 is a 13 lens grade 52 neodymium open motor design. The current Z’s feature several design improvements over previous models. We were able to overcome structural saturation levels and increase peak and total flux levels by allowing more energy to flow through our magnetic lens architecture via more efficient flux paths, closer alignment of the lenses and converging flux lines.

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MiniZ Subwoofer
Mini Z

The Z2.5 or Mini Z utilizes a smaller but no less impressive 13 lens grade N48 neodymium open motor design just like its big brothers the Z3 and Z4. Only available in an 8” format, this driver is designed to be the most sonically accurate high output small diameter sub on the planet.

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