DD coaxial and component speakers utilize sound quality design features coupled with high energy motor systems to set the standard for aftermarket audio upgrades. All DD speakers incorporate Faraday rings, high temperature voice coil wire, state of the art cone technology, and countless hours of R&D time. All these features come together to give you the sound to truly enjoy the ride.
E Class Components & Coaxials
The E Class Components are a go-to solution for everything from an instant OEM system upgrade to an all out custom audio system. This set offers high-end features and an outstanding sound that rivals much more expensive component sets.
VO Series
The high output, voice optimized speakers are a hybrid of Pro Audio and Audiophile technologies.  Shorting ring motors, long fiber curve sided cones, precise edge terminations and CnC motors with integrated Free Flow Cooling combine to give high fidelity at previously unattainable levels.
D Class Components & Coaxials
The D Class components and coaxials are high tech, high fidelity speakers designed for the listener wanting to go well beyond the standard factory upgrade.
C Class Components
The C Class Components are the perfect balance between high fidelity refinement and value.  We utilized many of the same design elements found in the A and B Class Components so they effortlessly deliver outstanding tone, and with the with increased power handling over the D Class Components, you'll be able to realize more powerful response over the entire audio spectrum.
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A Class Separates
State of the Art engineering coupled with extensive listening based development yield a sound stage you must experience to believe. Final assembly and QC is done in a beautiful village in Germany.
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