Subwoofer Enclosure Design: Bending the Rules to Maximize Output

Most of the aftermarket audio crowd wants to do the most they can with what they can reasonably afford or justify as far as sound systems go. For some, there is reprieve because spatial limitations don’t have to hold them back. Take, for instance, a 500 watt subwoofer paired with a 500 watt RMS amplifier. If this setup were to be run in the “manufacturers recommended” enclosure, it would perform...

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set performance goals

Equipment Choice Part Two: Set Performance Goals

In our last installment we looked at the potential pitfalls of launching into our new aural realm without first properly vetting our equipment to ensure it was, in fact, the right gear for the mission. This time around I’d like to back up to the beginning, and cover the very basics of equipment selection for every system, from the most modest to the unfathomable. The first thing you have to...

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right tools for the job

Equipment Choice Part One: Right Tools for the Job

A question that will forever be tied to mobile electronics is the dreaded “What is the best ________ on the market?” It doesn’t matter what you fill in the blank with, the answer will always be wrong. Why, you ask? The reason is that every answer to the question is subjective. While one person may feel the equipment they use is the best, and they could even be right, but out of context,...

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Tech Talk: PA Practicality – Part Two

In Part One we took a look at how to set-up a fully active network of 3-way PA speakers and some of the necessary design considerations. Here in Part Two we’re continuing on that same path and getting more in depth on the science of enclosure building. Be sure to read part one, as this picks up right where that left off. So, if we’re going to build an enclosure in our doors for our midrange...

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Tech Talk: PA Practicality – Part One

If you’ve got loud pipes on your bike but you still wanna jam, what’s the move? If you’ve got a huge subwoofer system in your car and it’s drowning out your door speakers, what’s the move? If you’re out thrashing the dunes in your Side by Side and you want the music as loud as that little rapped-out turbocharged motor under the hood, what’s the move? Well, “the move” my friend, is Pro Audio. Pro...

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Tech Talk: Choosing the Right Line Output Converter (LOC) for Your Install

Cars are not as simple as they used to be… No, it’s not a new concept but we often forget that it’s true. Many new automobiles come equipped with fancy infotainment systems that for aesthetic or even for the vehicle’s electronic system functionality simply can’t be removed without great difficulty. On top of that, these factory audio systems usually come with complicated amplifier options,...

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Give Your Subwoofer a Break-In!

If you’re a frequenter of any online car audio forum or social media group, you’ve invariably run across folks talking about “Breaking In” their subwoofers, and we get daily calls from customers asking if they really need to do this, why they need to do this, and how to do it. Here at DD Audio we fully embrace the practice of breaking in subwoofers before you hit the bass demo circuit with...

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Tech Talk: Speedy Enclosure Designs – How to Design a Subwoofer Enclosure that Doesn’t Suck in 10 Minutes or Less

Is it perfect? No, but will it get the job done? Absolutely! There’s a magical world between the pre-fabricated salt and pepper enclosures stacked up at your local car stereo store and the hyper accurate modeled enclosure that’s fiberglassed, molded and wrapped in leather with LED back lit plexiglass. Making subwoofer specific enclosures is an area where a lot of shops excel. Many shops will incorporate...

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Tech Talk: Troubleshooting – The Basics Haven’t Changed

Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | June 2019 Troubleshooting is an art-form that has somewhat fallen out of vogue in the last decade or two. Just speak to any old-time technician from back in the day. As your vision gets hazy and starts to distort from the beginning of the flashback, the veteran tech will regale you with tales of a day when Directechs, AllData, the Metra FitGuide, Crutchfield...

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Tech Talk: Amplifier Bench Testing

Originally published in 2017, this relavent Tech Talk shows us how the All-Star Installers bench test amps! DD Audio Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | 26 September 2017 “I hooked everything up right, but it’s not working.”-Everyone who thinks they know what they’re doing. We’ve all heard it. Heck, some of us at some point in our lives have probably said it. The reason...

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