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DDirt-ODAG OctoDouleAught Ground

DD Audio Introduces the DDirt-ODAG (OctoDouleAught Ground)

April 1, 2021

Finally, all your grounding needs and desires filled by our proprietary, low impedance earthing point.


Oklahoma City, OK, April 1, 2021 — DD AUDIO®, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to unveil our newest innovation for installation ease and efficiency, the DDirt-ODAG (OctoDouleAught Ground). Finally, all your grounding needs and desires filled by our proprietary, low impedance earthing point.

Finding good ground in your vehicle has always been a problem, until now! No more pulling up carpet, grinding paint, drilling holes and puncturing fuel lines with drywall screws. Just find a clear area in your car, plop down the DDirt-ODAG and wire away! Up to 16 devices of any power level can be connected, and with our optional grounding strap any number of DDirt-ODAGs can be seriesed together for unlimited amplifier system designs. 

What makes this ultra easy grounding possible is our proprietary blend of organic, free-range, earthy ingredients starting with 30% Jurassic Marl, 30% Alabama swamp mud, 20% Scottish peat,10% Guinea Grey Skatole and a mixture of Bentonite, Coke powder and mineral salts as binding agents. Moisture content is held at an ideal 18% resulting in performance exceeding the 1996 NEC, Sec. 250-84 standard by an order of magnitude, which is a lot. 

Anything containing high amounts of Skatole requires a heavy duty outer layer, and the DDirt-ODAG excels here, using a farbonkiber matrix embedded in PABA free recycled polypropylene resin (no cones were harmed in this process).

DDirt-ODAG is a highly versatile tool simplifying a major pain in the @ss part of system installations. The DDirt-ODAG is shipping now so save time and money this install season, pick up a bag or 2 at your local dealer, pallet discounts available.

DDirt-ODAG OctoDouleAught Ground

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