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DD Audio Offers Employee Incentive for COVID-19 Vaccine

February 24, 2021


Oklahoma City, OK, February 24th, 2021 — DD Audio® announced Tuesday it will offer paid leave to its employees who voluntarily receive the COVID-19 Vaccination. DD Audio, manufacturer of high quality audio gear for the masses, understands that achieving high levels of vaccination among the population is critical to restoring normality to all aspects of society and thus helping our business and the hundreds of businesses we support. 

“Everyone on the management team was in agreement that something should be done for the greater good and to encourage anything that might help us return to normal business. When we did the numbers, it was a no-brainer investment; there simply wasn’t a good argument against it, no matter how we looked at it,” said Shawn Wright, Acting Director of Business Support.

Once the employees vaccination phase is in effect, and they’re able to get an appointment, if that appointment is during the work day, they will be granted the necessary paid leave to honor their appointment to be vaccinated (both appointments for the required 2 doses), even if they don’t have any paid leave accrued. As an extra incentive, upon completing their second dose they will be rewarded with a gift card.

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