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Performance Car Audio staff

Dealer Spotlight: Performance Car Audio

February 24, 2015

Dealer: Performance Car Audio
Location: Beaumont, TX, USA

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This month’s featured dealer is Performance Car Audio. They became a DD dealer in May of 2014. When we asked manager, Jason Roberts, about his experience as DD dealer he was quick to tell us exactly what he thought.

“I had researched the brand for a while and really liked what they claimed to stand for. Once we became a dealer I was glad to find out the company is true to the image they present. I also quickly learned this is a company that has been misconstrued as a SPL company that only has expensive products; let me tell you they’re so much more. DD is company that truly has quality for the masses with products that exhibit craftsmanship and an endless strive for perfection. Lots of brands have hype and cheap products that are targeted for looks and price over performance; DD on the other hand, has products at every price point with great performance, sound quality, and customizing options.

Digital Designs may be a small company when compared to some of the car audio giants in the industry, but that doesn’t stop them from offering a large selection of products along with outstanding dealer, and customer service. It’s a brand that has unexpectedly brought excitement and fun back into our shop!!! Its so nice to know when I sell a DD product its going bring a huge smile to our customer’s faces through the joy of great sounding music.”

“When we get a DD order all of my guys get so excited, it’s like its Christmas. We may not have been a dealer for long but we’ve had nothing short of an amazing experience with every product we’ve tried, from the LE-M loaded enclosures to the big amps and subs. It seems like DD is always working on new exciting products, and looking at ways to make older products better. This is a company the larger guys could stand to learn a lot from. When we call the guys at DD they always have time for us, and they’re always more then happy to help in any way they can. I’m sure this is a feeling many dealers wished they got from their brands. Our rep, Douglas, has been awesome. He has spent countless hours on the phone with me explaining things and helping us to become a better company. He’s just one of the many amazing people we’ve met while dealing with DD. If you’re not currently a DD dealer, do yourself a favor and take a look at these guys. You can really boost your profits and bring some real excitement and moral into your shop.