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Product Spotlight: IW6.5

April 1, 2015

DD has noticed many traditional car audio shops are diversifying their services by adding home audio installation. In response to this trend we’re offering more products that allow dealers and customers who already trust the DD Audio brand in their car to give their home a DD upgrade. One of our newest additions to this product category is the IW6.5.

We designed the IW6.5 for the audio enthusiast that wants to fill their spaces with great sound, not speaker enclosures. The IW6.5 has many features found only on speakers twice the price. These features include a Dual Voice Coil 6.5” woofer with a mineral filled, curve sided, poly cone, and a pair of 20mm silk dome tweeters. We also incorporated a high performance crossover with air core coils and metalized polypropylene capacitors. The woofer’s motor design includes a copper shorting ring which lowers distortions while enhancing clear and natural vocals.

The IW6.5 can be used in stereo or mono configuration, making it perfect for multi-speaker rooms or single speaker distributed audio. It includes one square and one round grill, allowing the IW6.5 to be used as an in-wall or in-ceiling speaker. The grilles are matte white and easily paintable for seamless room integration, and attach via neodymium magnets for easy and secure on/off. These unique features allow the IW6.5 to cover a myriad of home and commercial install applications, possibly making it the most versatile custom audio speaker on the market.

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