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December Install Highlight - cover

December Install Highlight

December 7, 2016

For this month’s Install Highlight, we are going in a lesser taken direction, to the sleepers! Belonging to Ryan Thomas, the install done in this pickup goes to show that even when installed in a sleek and stealthy fashion, the products still manage to shine through!

GMC Sierra Exterior

Constructed by skilled artisans like Joshua Molen, no stone was left unturned in this fully customized Sierra, from custom dash panels to surgically implanted door speakers. Driven by the C5d and C3d amplifiers, all of the mids and highs including the VO-B3 tweeters, VO-M6x9’s and VO-M6.5’s midrange drivers, were placed to provide perfect sound regardless of the listener’s position in the cab. Courtesy of a trio of SuperCharged 3512’s  subs in a 6th order blow-through powered by a mighty M4b amp, the rear seat also doubles as a back massage for the lucky few passengers that will have the pleasure of riding in this monster! All of the signal duties are handled by a Mosconi sound processor.

When I asked what the favorite part of the build was, Ryan simply said that he enjoyed sneaking up on the unsuspecting at traffic lights. That, and the fact that with the flick of a switch his setup can go from sublime listening to utterly violent! This setup has brought him miles of top notch listening pleasure as well as some competition accolades, showing again, that you can’t ever count out the sleepers!

    Be sure to visit for a chance to win a full factory integration car audio system. Winner announced, Dec. 23, 2016.