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Install Highlight: Ford Transit Van - cover

Install Highlight: Ford Transit Van

October 11, 2017

This month’s article takes us clear across the world to visit our friends, Murtas Elektroniks, purveyors of some of the finest audio gear to hit the streets of Turkey! Having been in business for a year longer than we have, they have definitely learned what it takes to keep a business thriving! In 2004, they discovered a little known upstart from Oklahoma, and have been loyal fans and distributors ever since. That in turn brings us to the slick little setup they put in their Ford Transit Demo Van. Thanks to the help of Mr. Alparslan Andiran, Mr. Oruc Isikligil and Mr. Ufuk Garipoglu, soon everyone in Turkey will know exactly what DD Audio is all about!

This van is stuffed to the gills with equipment, ranging from six DD REDLINE 815 subwoofers powered by two M4b amplifiers, to the quartet of A4 amps running the myriad of VO goodness barking out of the doors (a pair of VO-W10’s, four VO-M8’s and four VO-B3’s). Toss in some installation accessories like the Z-Wire RCA System8 AWG Power Cable and 12 AWG Speaker Cable, plus some Optima batteries to power everything and you definitely have the recipe to shake things up a bit! All signal duties are handled through a Pioneer Double Din head unit.

Thanks again to Murat and everyone who helped in bringing this van to the light. I am sure this van will definitely turn heads as it tours Turkey while visiting all the dealers in the region. We all know that music is a universal language, but this build just goes to show that bass knows no bounds!

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