Upgrade Your Sound™

Are you a first-time car audio buyer?

We’ve got some tips to help you choose the right aftermarket audio upgrade for your car. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll tell you where to start.

Is there something broken that needs fixing? Do you just want a better sounding system? You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on extra parts to make anything after market work while retaining steering wheel control and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) functionality?

Whether you’re a mom or dad, brother or sister, grandma or grandpa or just a concert goer who likes really loud music but knows nothing about sound. DD Audio has a solution for you that won’t require any change to your factory radio. Simply choose an option below that best fits your needs.

I want it louder than what I have, but not too crazy

signal processor
Option 1.1

Adding an amp first and adding speakers down the road.

The DD Audio A4 Amplifier coupled with the SC4.1 Signal Converter will double the power being sent to your stock speakers but is powerful enough to run entry level aftermarket speakers like the EX6.5 Coaxial SetPlus, the SC4.1 has an RCA subwoofer output so you can easily add some bass down the road.

Price: $290*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!

car subwoofer guide
Option 1.2

Adding some bass to a stock radio.

The DD Audio A4 Amplifier, SC4.1 Signal Converter and LE-S06 Subwoofer Enclosure is the perfect solution for those wanting to add some bass to a stock audio system. Plus, you still have the option of adding some entry level aftermarket speakers like the EX6.5 Coaxial Set down the road!

Price: $490*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!

Aftermarket car speaker guide
Option 1.3

Adding an amp and some entry level speakers.

The DD Audio D4 Amplifier, EC6.5 Component Set, and EX6.5 Coaxial Set will rival the sound quality of a so-called “premium” factory audio system for a fraction of the cost of those “sport” and “luxury” upgrade packages! The D4 Amplifier also has a feature called a signal pass-through that will allow you to easily add a subwoofer system at a later time!

Price: $490*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!


car speaker upgrade
Option 2.1

Adding an amp, speakers, and a subwoofer.

The DD Audio D5.500 Amplifier, EC6.5 Components, EX6.5 Coaxials, and a LE-S06 Subwoofer Enclosure will go far and beyond the sound quality of any of those premium factory audio systems from that one brand! ….let’s just say it rhymes with woes….or blows….or it’s just really over-priced for what you are actually getting.

Price: $840*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!

compact subwoofer upgrade
Option 2.2

Adding a subwoofer system to an existing system.

The DD Audio DM500 Amplifier and the LE-S06 Wubwoofer Enclosure will add some bass to any stock system!

Also, if you’ve already upgraded your system as mentioned in Option 1.1 or 1.3 then this is the perfect combo to add some more bass to your already great DD Audio system!

Price: $410*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!


car audio upgrade guide
Option 3.1

Pretty Dang Clean, Pretty Dang Loud.

The DD Audio D5.1000, D Class Component and Coaxial Speakers, and a Redline Series 608 Subwoofer in a DD Box will make you feel like you’re in a small concert venue with a really nice sound system!

Price: $1170*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!

car audio upgrade guide
Option 3.2

Super Dang Clean, and Super Dang Loud!

A DD Audio C5d 4 Channel Amplifier, M1d Subwoofer Amplifier, CC6.5 Component speakers, DX6.5 Coaxials, and 2 Redline 610 Subwoofers in a DD Box.

If the last setup was a small venue then this one is Madison Square Garden. Your music will sound cleaner than ever, yet you’ll have enough subwoofer power to make a punk teenager at a stoplight tuck his tail and run! Or speed off and get pulled over… his angst-driven decision won’t matter as you start humming a song from 1962 and he’s being whipped by his nae nae.

Price: $1890*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!


car speaker system
Option 4.1

Sounds like heaven, gets louder than hell!

Processing all of the audio from your stock radio we have the DD Audio DSI-1, or Digital Signal Integrator. This thing is the ultimate factory integration tool! It can take nearly any signal from nearly any factory sound system and tell it exactly what to do and when to do it. This thing has all kinds of time delay and equalizer functions that can deliver your ears a perfectly centered stereo signal! Just imagine miniature versions of your favorite band inside your car. Okay, that’d all be a little creepy, but you get the point.

Powering a DD Audio 3-way A Class German-made component system up front and 2-way A Class system in the back is the all new DD Audio SS4b multi-channel amplifier. It’s clean. It’s loud. It’s awesome. Get one.

Bringing in the bass is the M2c Mono Amplifier behind two DD Audio American-Made Hand-Built 3012 HiDef Tuned Subwoofers in a custom built box. Think you’ve heard accurate bass? Not until you’ve heard what a HiDef  Tuned DD Audio Subwoofer can do.

Price: $5000*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!

You’ve made your choice, but you want to hear it first? We have authorized dealers all over the nation, even world-wide! Give one a visit and get a demo of the option that best fits your needs. You might find the next option to be more of what you want and totally worth it! Once you go DD, you’re DD4Life 😉

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*Prices do not include installation labor cost, freight, duties and taxes. Contact your local DD Audio dealer for installation prices.

premium sound


On the left we show what a speakers look like in a new vehicle with a premium factory audio system. These “premium” speakers are only obtainable by purchasing the upgrade packages that include them, which often adds over $3,000 to the cost of a new vehicle! Contrary to their name, these audio systems are by no means even close to premium. Built using extremely cheap parts such as untreated paper cones and cloth surrounds, these speakers are very sensitive to moisture, tearing, and deterioration.

On the right we show what a baseline aftermarket speaker from DD Audio looks like. Built using quality parts like heavy duty, yet lightweight, coated cones and compressed rubber surrounds, these speakers are built to sound amazing and last a very, very long time for a fraction of the cost!

Much better for much less.

Upgrade Your Sound.™

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