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July Product Spotlight: IW6.5 In-wall or Ceiling Speaker - cover

July Product Spotlight: IW6.5 In-wall or Ceiling Speaker

July 27, 2016

This month we’d like to shine a light on something a little off the beaten path in our product lineup! Here at DD Audio we like to provide great sounding equipment in other places besides the car… and no, we’re not talking about those awesome marine cans we make, we’re talking about something that goes undetected to the average eye yet satisfies even the most picky ear! This product likes to perform its song from a secret hiding spot… in your living room wall! We’re talking about the IW6.5 in-wall or ceiling speaker!

The IW6.5 is our home (heck, anywhere for that matter) coaxial speaker that is engineered to provide you with the best sound possible without complaints from that one member of the house about the usual electronic “eye-sores” that you consider awesome decoration! It comes with two styles of matte white paintable grills (round and square) that are held in place by little neodymium magnets. This means you won’t mess up the visible parts of  your walls trying to pry them on and off because there are no tricky clips or fasteners!  


The biggest feature of the IW6.5 is its unique ability to output 50-100 watts of stereo sound from just one speaker making it a go-to choice for convenience and versatility! By having dual coaxially mounted tweeters and a dual voice coil full range driver in the same chassis, the IW6.5 can simultaneously receive left and right signals allowing it to output stereo sound from a single footprint. Basically, one hole in the ceiling of your patio gets you amazing outdoor stereo sound for those summertime backyard barbeques versus the regular two holes in the ceiling of your patio! (Pssst… that’s another selling point directed towards whoever wears the pants in the house!)

The IW6.5 is an exceptionally versatile driver with a plethora of features engineered with you and your pocketbook in mind. Ringing up at only $149 this marvel of a speaker is available for purchase at your local DD Audio dealer and directly from under our lifestyle section!

Ready to live in audio bliss?

Pictured below is a sample home theater install of the IW6.5 with painted grill by a DD Dealer.

IW6.5 in-wall speaker installation