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June Dealer of the Month - cover

June Dealer of the Month

June 7, 2016

Shop Name:
Desiard St. Pawn & Car Audio

Shop Location:
3814 Desiard St., Monroe, LA

Owner’s Name:
Buddy Benton

Desiard Pawn Staff

DD: How long have you been in business?
Buddy: 28 years.

DD: How did you get started in car audio?
Buddy: Being in the pawn business, there is always demand for new and used electronics.  The car audio side of things started to grow and we followed this growing demand.

DD: What made you decide to do car audio for a living?
Buddy: My employees have a passion for car audio, they have been competing in USACi for years. That, and it goes hand-in-hand with owning a pawn shop.

DD: Does your shop specialize in anything specific?
Buddy: Everything from basic speaker replacement to custom work and modifications. If its 12V and the customer needs it, we make it happen.  We are known for building high-output, great sounding audio systems in small spaces. Maximum performance in minimal space.

DD: How long have you been a DD Audio dealer?
Buddy: Since 2007.

DD: Where did you first hear about DD Audio, and why did you decide to become a DD Audio?
Buddy: One day, a young man came into my store with an old DD 9515D. He outperformed everything I had in the shop. It was then that I knew I had to start carrying DD. He is now my store manager and box designer/builder.

Here is some of their custom work:

Desiard Pawn Awesome Enclosure
Desiard Pawn Custom Enclosure
Desiard Pawn Clean Install in ATV