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Product Spotlight: 2508 “GINORMOUS” Revision!

March 31, 2023

Oklahoma City, OK, April 1st, 2023 — DD AUDIO®, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to introduce the next era in the universe of 8 inch subwoofers, the 2508g. This subwoofer features the most profound set of performance upgrades ever offered by DD in a single revision. The design is a direct response to the long list manufacturers who have recently brought their version of a mega 8 inch sub to market. As a continuous leader in the high output bass transducer industry DD decided to toss all reason aside and design an 8 inch sub that would boldly dare others to even attempt to equal.      

This “Ginormous” revision was a passion project for all of DD. Everyone from the engineering team, production dept, sales / marketing teams, warehouse, IT staff, janitorial, and any other associates, each with varying degrees of expertise and understanding, have all shared their opinions and suggestions for this subwoofer: making the DD2508g DD’s most comprehensive design to date. DD AUDIO is proud to declare that the bold features and broad capabilities offered by the new DD2508g will force every builder to rethink every project from both a technical and safety perspective.

Introducing the new 5 roll Hextuple-VROM updated hyper-throw mini sub, capable of 16.4 inches of excursion!! The first woofer to excur TWICE its diameter! Each roll has been calibrated to the perpendicular depth pertaining to one of the 7 seas, divided by the moon’s gravitational pull along the eastern shoreline.  This keeps the hysteresis momentum equal along the equatorial axis no matter what hemisphere the customer’s system abides.

Our exclusive steel cloth spider material, with its Young’s Modulus rating of 204GPA, has the highest ratio of-the-strain : to-the-strain, of any modern fabric, contemporary fabric, or French Provincial textile design.

The motor is composed of 16 equal magnet segments polarizing a flux region circumnavigating a 6 inch voice coil. With a motor weight of 12.5 stone, you could say this speaker has serious stones.

The new DD2508g comes standard with a carbon matrix cone and twill weave carbon dustcap, leather weight belt and lifetime HOV lane sticker.

At 16.25″ of mounting depth, the new DD2508g may not be ideal for under seat, center console, door, or any other mounting application. However, once a suitable location is found this speaker comes to life with an operating range of x, with x being -20,000Hz<x<20,000kHz. The recommended power ranges from 110v AC to 93.87 horsepower. With the new DD2508g, parties will never be the same, nor will your bank account.

This world famous ultra limited edition woofer which has already been banned in eight states, restricted to 250 foot radius from hospitals has won the coveted Hugo Prosciutto award for excellence in longitudinal sinusoidal elongation in neoclassical product design. Initial production is already SOLD OUT, the next production waiting list is NOW OPEN! Be the first on the waiting list by signing up at Sign-ups available midnight to midnight Saturday!


Speaker Size (Inches): 8
Watts RMS: 93.87 Horse Power
Watts Peak: Undefined as the Limit of X
Approaches Infinity
Impedance: D2.0 Ohm / D4.0 Ohm
VCD (Inches): 6
Piston Diameter (Inches): 7
Fs (Hz): Variable
QMS: Best
Qes: Better
Qts: Good
Vas (Ltrs): High
XMax: 396mm
XMech: 416.57mm
Woofer Displacement (CuFt): 3.8 Pony Kegs
Frame OD (Inches): 21.5
Frame OD w/Gasket (Inches): 24
Mounting Diameter(Inches): 19.25
Mounting Depth(Inches): 16.5
Motor Diameter(Inches): 16
Motor Depth(Inches): 5
Magnet Weight: 12.5 Stone
Shipping Weight: Third Party Freight

BL Product:

(5.67 × 10–8 W·m–2·K–4)(5800 K)4 = 63 × 106 W·m–2


847652218746.49 x 10-33

Compliance     Supple, yet resilient and strong 

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