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dd audio at usaci world finals 2022 scores and builds

USACi World Finals 2022 Scores and Competitors

March 29, 2023

Competitors rocking DD AUDIO shook the walls at USACi World Finals over the weekend: Most earned trophies and rings, but for some it was all about getting another year’s worth of Championship bragging rights. Starting our list is Nathan Millyard and his war machine, the DD TANK.

Nathan F. Millyard “DD TANK”
1st Place – Bass Battles Extreme
1st Place – Low and Loud 169.84 dB
Demo Hair Trick King and Tap out King
(8) DDZ418’s and (16) DD M8000’s

Carlos Rodriguez “Delilah”
1st Place – Extreme 185.68 dB (loudest recorded score in USACi history)
1st Place – Street Beat 5 165.09dB
1st Place – High and Hard Wall 181.94 dB
1st Place – Port Wars 181.73 dB
(12) DDZ12000 Amps

Kadin Bieberich
1st Place – Street Beat 3 163.84 dB
New World Record Street Beat 3 Outlaw 163.65 dB
(9) 9912’s

Darren Laffan
1st Place – No Wall 14k 164.32 dB
1st Place – Modified 10k 163.3 dB
(1)DD Z2b, (10) DD610’s

Josh Clark
1st Place – Street Beat 4 161.41 dB
4th order with (6) DD9918s

Shane Chandler
2nd Place – Modified Unlimited 164.8 dB
2nd Place – Street Beat 3 161.3 dB
2nd Place – High and Hard Wall 163.4 dB
(3) DD Z12000s

DJ Klamfoth
2nd Place – No Wall Unlimited 164.82 dB
2nd Place – Street Beat 2 161.4 dB
(8) DD9510s (4) DD M8000s DD D4.200, VO-XN8s

dd audio at usaci world finals 2022 scores and builds

Amanda Rullo
2nd Place – Stock 3K 155.43 dB
2nd Place – Street Beat 1 155.75 dB
(1) DD Z12000

Scott Jones
2nd Place
– Street Beat 4 161.11 dB
2nd Place – Bass Battles Modified
(4) DD  Z12000s, DD ZVL 

April Brandenburg
3rd Place – Street Beat1 151.73 dB
(she had technical difficulties with her head unit)
(2) DDZ415s, (4) DD M8000s strapped

April Brandenburg
3rd Place – Port Wars 176.4dB
(2) DD M8000s, DD Mini Z

Chris Brandenburg
Demo Alley
(24) DD PSW10s (2) DD Z12000s

Cameron Kullas
3rd Place – Bass Battles Modified
7th Place -Street Beat 3 154.47 dB
(4) DD9912s, (2) DD M8000s, DD D4.200, DD VO-MNB6.5s, DD VOB3a

Richard Pisani
4th Place – Street beat 3 159.74 dB
(4) M8000s

Jayden Jones N SPL
5th Place – Street Beat 5 155.43 dB
(6) DD718s, (2) DD Z12000s