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cc6.5 component set

Product Spotlight: CC6.5a Component Speaker System – Full Spectrum Harmony

January 15, 2019

Harmony is the combination of musical notes, produced simultaneously, to deliver a pleasing listening experience. The word harmony has been used to describe smooth relationships between people and a serene balance in nature. In the case of the C Class Component Speaker System, CC6.5a, harmony refers to one of the most well rounded component sets DD Audio has ever offered.

By combining elements from our legendary A and B Class speakers we redesigned every component in the CC6.5a set to work together to deliver a powerful listening experience.

Back Plate of C series specker

The cloth dome CT28 tweeters provide exceptionally smooth highs. They feature machined aluminum housings with vented backs for an extended frequency response and superb voice coil cooling.


The CX02 crossover networks utilize Mylar capacitors and segmented air-core inductors to maintain power and thermal efficiency. In addition to these premium features, selectable tweeter levels were provided for fine high-frequency tuning.

C Series Speaker Spider

The cast aluminum frame and aluminum cone combined with soft rubber dustcap and surround allow the CC6.5a mid-drivers to efficiently produce the perfect mix of mid-bass and upper mid-range tone. Their voice coils feature a double slit former and copper pole caps to reduce inductance, for TRUE TO THE SOURCE® sonic precision.

With the CC6.5a component set, listeners will be bathed in tonal luxury thanks to features typically reserved for the ultra high-end systems. Upgrade Your SoundTM today with the CC6.5a Component Speaker System.

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