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Product Spotlight - SC4/SC6 Signal Converters - cover

Product Spotlight: DD Audio’s SC4/SC6 Signal Converters – Not All Heroes Wear Aluminum Capes

October 24, 2018

It has never been easier to Upgrade Your SoundTM thanks to DD Audio’s OEM integration products and pre-configured system options.

All of these options include an often overlooked, yet essential component for adding amplification to most OEM upgrades. These unsung heroes are the line output signal converters and they are the first point in the signal path when interfacing with factory head units. Two such heroes, DD Audio’s SC4 (4-channel) and SC6 (6-channel), deftly deliver the clean and powerful pre-amp signal needed to save your OEM system from the evils of bad sound.

The SC4 and SC6 signal converters represent quality and value second to none, as they are designed to provide years of trouble free operation. The durable aluminum chassis is compact, and all controls are easily accessible for quick tuning. Both utilize detachable power and speaker input terminals, as well as FR4 Printed Circuit Boards. They are also OEM load detect compatible and utilize a double power supply.

The versatility of the SC4/SC6 ensures you’ll be able to properly integrate into most OEM systems and your amplifier will receive the highest signal quality possible by offering features like input summing, signal sense turn-on, independent variable gains, differential-balanced inputs, and selectable ground isolation.

The exceptional design quality of DD Audio’s SC4 (4-channel) and SC6 (6-channel) signal converters allow for seamless compatibility and guarantee a clean, controlled signal from your OEM stereo, freeing you from needless modification. Upgrade Your SoundTM today at

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