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vo-mn feature photo

Product Spotlight: VO-MN6.5 and VO-MN8 Neodymium Speakers – Focused Midrange Response

September 18, 2019

Creating a true Pro Audio experience means delivering full range perfection; mids, highs, lows, and sometimes, the in between. Sound designers looking to provide such a full range soundscape have come to depend on the refined quality and nuanced designs of DD Audio’s Voice Optimized Series. Each purpose built speaker in this line has unique features which make them indispensable, and while it may not always be apparent on paper, even the most casual listener can distinguish the tonal output. In this month’s Product Spotlight we look at two speakers from the line-up that aren’t to be misunderstood or underestimated: the truly outstanding VO-MN6.5 and VO-MN8 Voice Optimized Mid-Range Neos.

When you look at the Voice Optimized Series, you can quickly see it’s not like other speaker categories which offer a few Matched Component Sets or Multi-Way Coaxials for OEM upgrades. The VO line-up is a far wider array of speaker types to meet the needs of serious professionals and hardcore audiophiles. Among them you will find the visually similar VO-M and VO-MN. Both are mid-range speakers and both offer VO standard features such as shorting ring motors, double slit aluminum voice coil formers, long fiber curve sided cones, and CnC motors with integrated Free Flow Cooling. This, however, is where the similarities stop.  Audibly these two speakers clearly take their own path. The VO-M delivers an exceptional midbass to lower midrange frequency response, where the VO-MN puts out a one-of-a-kind focused full midrange response.

VO-M midrange speaker and VO-MN midrange NEO speaker

The VO-MN6.5 and VO-MN8 neodymium driven midrange speakers are light, compact, efficient and designed for ultra-high output. With a mounting depth of only 2.75in for the VO-MN6.5 and 3.25in for the VO-MN8, these speakers are perfect for motorcycles, car doors and any other tight spots where strong, quality sound is key. If you’re looking for a hyper-focused, premium set of midrange speakers for your vehicle or for your professional audio setup, your search is over. Contact your local Authorized DD Audio Dealer today to get your Voice Optimized Midrange Neo Speakers and other DD Audio Pro Audio offerings to complete your full spectrum soundscape.


  • Sizes 6.5”, 8”
  • Watts RMS: 60-300
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-8kHz
  • dBSPL: 95.5
  • VCD: 1.5in

Find this and more at your local Authorized DD Audio Dealer today!