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September Product Spotlight: DMF Amplifiers - cover

September Product Spotlight: DMF Amplifiers

September 27, 2016

So you want to get loud, but you don’t have room for a surfboard size amp to push your pancadao style system? Well, then the DMF Series Amplifiers are just for you! The DMF Series offers big power and full range capabilities in a compact chassis. The pre-amp and output sections use parts from renowned companies like International Rectifier and TI that are matched to the THD levels of real world speakers. The simple component efficient design reduces the PCB space, heat sink size, and overall parts/assembly costs. Thus yielding ground breaking watt per cost ratios!

DMF Family - Sides

Extending from 20Hz to over 16KHz, the DMF amps can play full range, power subwoofer sections, or really any other combination of drivers that are meant to be loud! The circuit was originally developed for high output far field applications where multiple drivers are arrayed in 2/3/4 way PA configurations and stereo separation isn’t always necessary. Ultimate wakeboard tower CCX marine can set up anyone?! We think so!

Click here to check out the DMF series specs for yourself!

DMF key features include:

  • A band pass crossover network with separate high pass and low pass sections
  • High-level inputs and auto turn on for easy integration with an OEM head unit
  • Built-in clipping limiter and remote gain control with clipping monitor that will help to keep your equipment safe even when the party starts to get out of hand
  • A compact chassis that makes rack design less complicated
DMF 1600 Back