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DD Audio is bringing the party to MWSPL Finals 2019 with DDKONG!

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma City, OK, October 15th, 2019 — DD Audio is hitting the 2019 Midwest SPL Finals in full force. From 9am on October 26th to 4pm on the 27th the Missouri State Fairgrounds will feature car audio fans, competitors, retailers and manufacturers all lining up to witness or be part of SPL history. The DD Audio Demo Team will also be there, supporting competitors, offering product...

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Tech Talk: Speedy Enclosure Designs – How to Design a Subwoofer Enclosure that Doesn’t Suck in 10 Minutes or Less

Is it perfect? No, but will it get the job done? Absolutely! There’s a magical world between the pre-fabricated salt and pepper enclosures stacked up at your local car stereo store and the hyper accurate modeled enclosure that’s fiberglassed, molded and wrapped in leather with LED back lit plexiglass. Making subwoofer specific enclosures is an area where a lot of shops excel. Many shops will incorporate...

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10 Reasons my Significant Other Hates my Car Audio Obsession

How awesome would it be if your significant other shared the same car audio obsession as you? There are a few lucky people out there with the perfect car audio soul mate. Meanwhile, the rest of us are constantly faced with having to choose between our system or our significant other. Here are the top 10 reason why your significant other hates your car audio obsession. 1. You bang your system harder...

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