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2019 CEO message - cover

Welcoming 2019! – A Message from the CEO

December 27, 2018

We’re getting ready to welcome 2019! If you are reading this, you’ve survived a retail apocalypse that brought century old giants to their knees. This is your year to reap the benefits. Your new customers have sifted through the infotainment systems of big box stores, and have found them too complex and time consuming. They have figured out that the inexperienced and unimaginative installers at chain-store service departments don’t deserve to look at their badass toys, let alone work on them. Your new customers demand the quality and precision that only you can provide.

It goes without saying after more than 30 years that DD Audio is here for you and your customers. 2018 brought new products, revisions, and package expansions. For starters, the ESP (Evolution Subwoofer Package) is now available for all American Made 18″ subwoofers. Our REDLINE Series was completely “Reimagined for the Masses”. The 9900 Beast got a major revision with a tough 8 layer, flatwound 4” aluminum Z4 voice-coil. We released new Voice Optimized speakers featuring incredibly powerful, yet compact Neodymium drivers. The release of the DSI-2 has taken signal integration and processing to new heights. On top of all this, we have made substantial improvements to our OEM Upgrade pieces.

While the sound got bigger in 2018, many of our products got smaller. Several amps, speakers, and subs came down in size to give you guys the space needed to make those cool ass, lit enclosures tucked under and between tight spaces. We’ve got a few other tricks debuting soon to make a little space sound like a big space, and more reason for customers to talk shop with you, creating soundscapes that are otherwise impossible.

We appreciate your input and feedback. It truly drives the direction of our research and development, which doesn’t end with a product release. It takes new tech to overcome previous performance limitations, requiring constant study of field applications to evolve the product. Like you, we have to look outside the box for new ways to open up opportunity.

There are several expansions planned for this year to serve you better. We look forward to visiting with as many of you guys as possible this year, at KnowledgeFest, show trips and the DD Invitational.

Happy Holidays, catch a wave, dune, breeze, slope and some air!

Jassa Langford