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Z-wire RCA system

Wham Bam Thank Ya Ma’am!

November 2, 2015

It’s like that with the new Z-Wire RCA system, quick and easy. With this system you can have the custom built RCA cables that installers desire, but don’t want to mess with because they’re too time consuming to build or too overpriced.

This unique system pretty much solves all the issues that plague standard RCA interconnects:

  • No more wasting time hiding extra cable lengths, or trying to eek one more inch out of a cable that’s too short.
  • Easier and quicker to run when installing since the bulky RCA connectors are put on last.
  • Less time spent worrying about unwanted system noise because of pro audio grade EMI and RFI noise rejection features.
  • Rugged construction with a more a reliable and more durable end connection when compared to soldered or crimped connectors.
  • Slick aesthetics featuring polished black chrome and silver chrome metal ends with cast DD Audio logos.
  • Connectors fit virtually every RCA input terminal perfectly with their spring grip. This means a very secure connection that won’t damage your amp if you have to unconnect the RCA cable.  

To sum it up, these cables are loaded to the hilt with technology, and they’re just plain better than other cables. Watch the video below featuring the Z-Wire RCA system and leave us your comments or questions. For full specs, visit