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Good speakers behaving bad? - cover

Good speakers behaving bad?

November 19, 2015

So, you just installed a set of sweet DD Audio A Series components and they sound pretty good…  but not great. WTF? Here’s the deal. If you could install your speakers leveled with your ears, equidistant from the listening position, in identical enclosures, without any acoustic obstructions, then you would have achieved GREAT sound. The problem with car audio is that you’re at the mercy of this evil thing called, a vehicle interior, and perfect speaker placement isn’t an option.

Now that we’ve established what the root of the issue is, how do we overcome it? EASY. With the new DD Audio DSI-1. With virtually any EQ option your heart desires; including time alignment, 6~36dB crossovers, 0~180 degree phase adjustment and an infinitely adjustable 10 band parametric EQ, you can fight this audio scourge with technology.

Don’t let “pretty good” sound stand in the way of GREAT sound. Get  a DSI-1, fix your sound, and enjoy true audiophile bliss.

Visit for full DSI-1 specs and watch the video below for more information. Got questions? Post them below and we’ll be glad to answer them for you!

9921 SC Subwoofer Loaded in Porche Trunk with Amps
Porche Trunk with DSI-1