DD Audio Dealer Austin Tx

DD Audio Dealer Spotlight: Sunshades Window Tinting and Mobile Electronics of Austin, Texas

Shop NameSunshades Window Tinting & Mobile Electronics
Shop Location: Austin, Texas
Owner’s Name: Robert Gonzales


DD: How long have you been in business?
Robert: 11 years.

DD: How did you get started in car audio?
Robert: I started doing audio when I was a kid.

DD: What made you decide to do car audio for a living?
Robert: It was a good fit for me. It’s also an easy way to make an honest living, and like making people smile.

DD: Does your shop specialize in anything specific?
Robert: Car audio, custom fabrication, and window tinting.

DD: How long have you been a DD Audio dealer?
Robert: Less than a year.

DD: Where did you first hear about DD Audio, and why did you decide to become a DD Audio Dealer?
Robert: I first noticed DD at the Heatwave Car Show. It’s good solid product, and customers are passionate about it.

DD Audio Dealer Austin TxDD Audio Dealer Austin TxDD Audio Dealer Austin Tx

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