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1100 Series Hi-Def Tuned Subwoofers

1100 Series Hi-Def Tuned Subwoofers

May 24, 2021

If you’re more concerned with how your car’s audio system sounds inside the vehicle rather than outside or prefer your sound accurate and realistic instead of tearing your car apart; the new 1100 Series Hi-Def Tuned Subwoofers are made for you. 

Designed with sound quality in mind, these subwoofers went through countless hours of tuning and tweaking in our R&D facility. The result was a collection of subwoofers that work well in compact enclosures driven with low to medium power levels, which deliver amazing low frequency punch while cleanly reproducing complicated musical transients with accuracy. 

1100 Series Hi-Def Tuned Subwoofers made in usa

All the moving parts are made in the USA to the highest of standards. Their Hi-Def Tuned suspensions feature a specially developed surround and composite spider giving them the perfect mix of control and compliance. The cone is a Kevlar infused pulp mixture of natural and synthetic fibers bound with state of the art resins. These non-pressed cones have high strength to weight characteristics and pass signals without coloration, at all power levels.

1100 Series Hi-Def Tuned Subwoofers group photo

High strength motors drive high temp voice coils. All metal parts are CnC cut to close tolerances, coil formers are double slit to reduce inductance and all parts are hand-fitted to extract all performance possible.

Simply put, the 1100 Series are highly versatile sound quality drivers that do their jobs so well you’ll forget where the bass is coming from as you get lost in the performance.

Available in 8″, 10″ and 12″. Click here to see product page and specifications.

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