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DD Audio Install Highlight - 2007 Harley Davidson Road Glide - cover

DD Audio Install Highlight – 2007 Harley Davidson Road Glide

April 14, 2017
DD Audio Install Highlight | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | 14 April 2017

Who says you can’t take great sounding, full range audio with you on two wheels? We’ve all grown accustomed to bringing MP3 players, bluetooth music boxes, bluetooth headphones and the like with us when we leave the beaten path. For some, however, taking a little of their music with them on the open road is a whole different ball game!

Motorcycle audio packages have been available for a long while now, but lately, the two wheel world has been bitten by the serious custom audio bug! Like most of our faithful fans, this new breed of audio enthusiasts demands no compromises. The fidelity of the audio system needs to reflect the level of perfection the aesthetics have achieved.

For example, take this rolling showcase owned by Charles Pastor. He managed to massage and tuck away a litany of products that not only sound amazing, but don’t protrude to the forefront detracting from any of his fabrication skills!

Charles first experienced DD Audio when his home shop Audio Plus of Riverview, Florida picked up the DD line, hoping to offer a one company solution for discerning clientele. Charles had his daily driver outfitted with our flagship line and fell in love. The desired result was a kick ass motorcycle system that didn’t sound like an iPhone through a megaphone. He was able to achieve that with another heavy dose of DD audio! He said that once he heard our product his mind was made up, he wouldn’t accept any less than the best!

With rolling showcases like Charles’s beauty, it’s only a matter of time before DD Audio comes to a motorcycle, ATV, or boat near you!

Check out our Adventure page to see more innovative DD product applications!

Equipment List:

  • Head Unit – Kenwood DDx9902s to a DSI-1 Signal Processor.
  • (6) DD VO-B3 – 4 in the front fairing and 2 on the lids of the saddle bags, powered by a DD D4 Amp.
  • (8) DD AW-6.5’s – 4 on the fairing and 4 on the saddle bag lids, powered off a DD SS4b Amp.
  • (1) DD 3010 ESP SuperCharged Sub in the tour pack, with several layers of fiberglass to prevent the balloon effect with the pressure in the sealed box. It is powered by a DD M1c amp.
  • The bike has an upgraded charging system and runs off 3 lightweight LiFePO4 batteries.