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Pro Audio – Make Loud Louder!

April 20, 2017
DD Audio Product Highlight | 20 April 2017

You may have noticed we recently added a Pro Audio category to our website. Mobile Pro Audio is one of the fastest growing segments we see today. Designing audio for an air conditioned car or truck has its own unique and challenging characteristics, then add in an order of magnitude with ambient noise levels and odd distances to the prime listening space, and the complexity kicks up a few notches.

Some applications can be fulfilled by simply doubling the speakers or major system components, but what if space or power is limited and yet higher output is still needed? DD Audio designed a line of products for just this purpose.

The VO line combines elements of hi-end hi-fi, Pro Audio design with car audio requirements resulting in great sounding products with extremely high output capabilities. The VO Series are dripping in tech, including copper and aluminum Faraday rings, high temperature aluminum wire voice coils, double slit aluminum formers, billet aluminum horn flares, long fiber reinforced cone bodies, all coupled to close tolerance CnC machined motor systems fighting to extract every Decibel possible.

The VO woofer line consists of 8, 10, 12 and 15 inch drivers that can be made into coaxial designs by screwing on a CT35 or CT45 titanium dome compression driver for full range output in marine cans or specialized enclosures. The CT compression drivers can also be used with the CT5x5 moulded horn in conventional 2/3/4-way applications.

The VO midrange line consists of 6.5, 8, 5×7 and 6×9 inch drivers allowing easy integration into OE (factory) locations in cars, bikes and UTVs.

VO-M6.5 6.5 inch Voice Optimized midrange speaker

We also have a selection of super bullet tweeters that can truly take your highs… higher!

VO-B3 Voice Optimized Bullet Tweeter

These state of the art speakers can be driven with several types of amplifiers, all with conformal coated PCB’s. The DMF amps are geared toward high power to cost ratios for outside system arrays, providing thousands of watts of full range audio from highly compact chassis.

The SS amps are 4th generation, high speed, full range class D architecture designs for when hi-fidelity and high efficiency are primary goals.

ss4b full range aplifier

In addition to mobile applications, the speakers in this category are also right at home in night club and traditional PA applications. These types of systems can be taken to the next level by coupling custom built DD mid/high enclosures with the DD subwoofers you know and love. Clubs can now experience the same literal breath taking pressure and sonic clarity that DD car systems have been pumping out for years.

We’ve done our homework to provide the best audio tools at your disposal. The new Pro Audio page breaks down the various categories so you can start mixing and matching for any application, limited only by your imagination. Now it’s your turn to go out and build something great.

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