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DD Audio Partner Spotlight - Jabee - cover

DD Audio Partner Spotlight – Jabee

April 6, 2017

The Emmy award winning Oklahoma Hip Hop artist, Jabee, has been a DD ambassador since 2015. Since the partnership started we’ve worked on several projects together. He even took the DD Work Van on his “Black Future” tour across the southwest last December. He enjoyed waving at the DD fans he encountered as he drove from state to state. As Jabee continues to stay TRUE to his music and dreams, we are proud to support him and continue our partnership.

Our most recent venture with Jabee is his very anticipated “Black Future” Box Set! This thing is jam-packed with awesome stuff, including a set of DD DXB1.1 Earbuds in each box! Plus, the inside of the box is lined with a sweet DD and Black Future print. This is an extremely limited edition box set, but we’ve managed to secure a few for our DD people. So, join us in supporting Jabee’s music, place your order soon, before they’re gone!

Items in each box:

  • 8 Black Future remixes on 7″ picture disc vinyls, including one for the song “Monument” ft. Chuck D
  • 1 T-Shirt
  • 1 set of DD Audio DXB1.1 Earbuds
  • 1 x Black Future Necklace
  • 8 Posters
  • 1 Black Future Flag
  • Black Future Pins
  • Black Future Stickers

Buy the Box Set

We also have another special treat coming soon after his upcoming Black Box Art Show. The art show is dedicated to all the talented artists Jabee collaborated with on the box set. Keep an eye out on social media, we promise you’ll like the surprise!

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